Market Recap 10-18-2019

| October 18, 2019
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Stocks advanced by 0.63% in the US and by 0.92% overseas. International stocks have been outperforming since mid-August. The graph below charts the ratio of US stocks (VTI) to stocks outside the US (VXUS) and the declining black line shows the outperformance of the international stocks.

The market is expecting another Fed Rate cut at the end of the month, and that is providing support to equities. The Fed also has started to increase the size of its balance sheet, buying $60 billion a month of treasury bills, although they are not calling it quantitative easing. The Fed is buying the bonds to ensure that there is enough money around so that the gears of the banking system can move in sync without crashing, as came close to happening last month in the repo market. 


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Bruce Konners, CPA, CFA, PFS

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